Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Double Action Silencer and Muzzle Brake Combination.

Rifle recoil reducer and silencer suppressor compensator combination in one single unit. The advantage of this unit is, to silence the rifle and suppress recoil at the same time.
By combining the effective workability of a silencer and muzzle brake . I have succeeded in making a one piece Silencer and Muzzle Brake combo, for rifles and pistols. Great many problems are solved, since until now rifle and pistol shooters, varmint hunters and big game hunters, had the only option of having either silencer or muzzle brake, installed on their guns, so they had to choose either one. Now this problem is solved, with the Double Action Silencer Muzzle Brake. Here you can download Adobe Pdf 128bit encrypted document e-Book with blueprint drawings and instruction of how to make a silencer muzzle brake double action. The instructions are clear and straightforward to understand and execute, so you can make this yourself with necessary tooling. Or get a qualified lathe smith or gunsmith to make it for you. The Muzzle Brake takes out up to 50 % off the rifle and pistol recoil. The Silencer completely silences, with subsonic ammunition which is under 1087 f/sec , or 331 m/sec. muzzle velocity. Double Action Silencer Muzzle Brake drawings, manual, for rifles and pistols in cal.22lr , 22 mag, 22 Hornet, cal.222Rem, cal.22/250 Rem, cal.243 Win , cal.6MM, cal.6.5mm, cal.7mm Rem Mag, cal.308 Win, 300 Win Mag, 8MM Rem Mag, cal.338 Mag, cal.375 Mag, cal.458 Win Mag, cal.460 Mag. And larger calibers of big bore for pistols, calibers like cal.357 Mag, caliber.44 Mag , caliber 45 ACP, and Air rifles and pistols. Simple and easy to build homemade and install, with the plans in the Adobe Pdf. E Book, download. Adobe Pdf, E Book , with Double Action silencer muzzle brake blueprint and drawings. Print the drawings and instructions, to have on your workbench while you, build double action silencer muzzle brake. It is easier than you might think!  BRS Custom Rifles. Copyright 2007, and Patent Pending USPTO, UK IPO, EPO andother patent offices. All Rights reserved.

Gun Silencer
Double Action Silencer and Muzzle Brake Combination.
Silencer and Muzzle Brake in one single unit.

Double Action Silencer Muzzle Brake is a little
larger in size than regular Silencer.

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